Health and Social Care Consultancy

Veritas is a Health and Social Care Consultancy. We create fully integrated Community Equipment Services and deliver patient-centred Health and Social Care across the UK

Founded in 2007, Veritas Procurement Services Limited is a Health and Social Care consultancy specialising in the review, commissioning and mobilisation of wheelchair services and integrated Community Equipment Services.

We work with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups CCGs), NHS Trusts, Charities, Central and Local Government and large Private Sector organisations in the strategic development of jointly commissioned services.

Our specialist team of health and social care Consultants have the expertise and skill to provide a range of related services and training including contract management and commissioning.

For us, it is fundamental that we deliver a service that not only considers the customers’ needs but tailors the product to suit. We understand the importance of patient and service cohesion, and we strive to achieve an effective transition without fuss.

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